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Manufacturing Tstix®

Tstix® filling equipment is designed and manufactured in Europe to the highest standards by Schwarze-Automation GmbH based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Tstix® filling equipment is custom designed with 1 lane up to 20 lanes to suit Tstix® pre-printed micro-perforated packaging material, which is supplied in rolls and delivered ready for production. Output depends on Tstix® machine specifications (lane numbers, product to be filled) and number of Tstix® filling machines being operated.

Schwarze - Automation manufacture Tstix® and can also supply complete packaging lines – including automated packing lines, collators/packers, palletisers, volumetric weighing machines, wrap-around case packers, cartoners, and other specialized equipment needs. For more information visit www.schwarze-automation.com or email: contact@schwarze-automation.com

Tstix packaging material – has micro-perforations produced by Wista GmbH www.wista.com - world leaders in perforation technology.

Printing - your brand logo and design on a Tstix pack is undertaken by licenced Tstix Printers – who will supply the printed material ready for filling on Tstix filling equipment. Tstix has a number of “preferred printers” who are able to work with you.

The Tstix® Design Centre – Sydney, Australia.

The Tstix® Design Centre specializes in brand development and creative packaging design solutions. With an international team of designers and an equally skilled and experienced production team, the Tstix® Design Centre can work with you to provide the best in package design solutions whatever your need. Send your packaging brief to design@tstix.com.au