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The Tstix® Package

Tstix® supply

  • Tstix® Licensing Agreement
  • Tstix® filling equipment – purchase or lease (subject to finance).
  • Tstix® package design service– design/artwork/film
  • Tstix® pre-perforated printed material – ready for production
  • Tstix® marketing, R&D and technical support
  • OPTIONALLY – Tstix® Contract Packing in Germany.

Your company supplies

  • Your brand(s) in association with Tstix®
  • Your products* (teas, coffees)
  • Your innovative product ideas.
  • Your sales, marketing and distribution skills

* subject to testing

Why Tstix®?

Innovative. Clean. Individual. Stylish. Convenient. People friendly.

Faster to serve. Easier to deliver.

The Tstix package delivers products like tea and granulated coffee in a form that is clean, fresh and individual – perfect for cafés, hotels, fast food chains, airlines, workplaces, offices, industrial, institutional, catering and supermarket sale for home use.

Tea consumption is second only to water as the world’s most popular drink. For more information about tea visit www.tea.co.uk (British Tea Council).

Coffee is an equally huge market, particularly in western countries like the USA and Europe.


Compare Tstix® with tea bags!

Tea in a Tstix® has no tag, staples, strings or complicated instructions and they won’t split, discolour or drip after use. No soggy mess to clean up!

No spoon required. The Tstix® pack acts as a stirring device – eliminating the need for a teaspoon or stirrer – and the associated mess.

Compare Tstix® with spooning coffee

From a bottle or can. Tstix® freeze dried or granulated coffee is pre-measured exactly, individually packed ready to stir into hot water. No spoon, no floating residues, no spills in the kitchen, or mess to clean up.

Tstix® deliver fashion chic and style. It’s that simple..

Imagine what your tea or coffee brand would look like in a Tstix® package!

OTHER PRODUCTS - the Tstix® package (subject to testing) can also be developed for other beverages where the product is packed dry in granular form (like freeze dried coffee) or has leaf/particle size (like tea) with the product size greater than the Tstix 0.4mm perforation holes. It must then be able to infuse (like tea) or dissolve (like coffee granules) to create a liquid in the process.